Right now I’m trying to decide between calling up teenagers to nag them or doing something myself.  The youth decided to have a food drive, which I have been promoting in church publications.   They were supposed to think up something cool for the church if the food drive goal was met.  It was their idea to do this.  But they haven’t.  It’s something I need to put in the bulletin today.  I’ve already sent a number of facebook messages.   Frustrating.  I wonder if this is what having children is like.

The pastor just handed me new hours for the local food pantry, so I took down the sign I made listing the old hours and started to make a new one.  The hours said this “Tuesday-Thursday 9 to 12 and Wednesday 9-12.”  This, quite rightly, confused me.   I called and asked the food pantry what was going on.  I found out a) that the pantry’s founder thought this was a perfectly reasonable way of organizing this information and 2) that she’d give that flier to the pastor nearly a year ago.  My sign was the up-to-date one.  She had my job before I did.  I really have no idea how this place used to operate.

A while back OGFPS bought me tickets to a thing.  It was thoughtful if a little unprecedented.  And it was weird because this event is in May.  Yesterday my sister called to ask me what she thought of the plans she’d made for her graduation weekend.  That’s right.  Graduation weekend.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I was unaware that family members are obligated to attend any graduation beyond high school.  I certainly didn’t know that one could be reasonably expected to dedicate a weekend to a sibling’s receipt of a professional certification.   I kind of thought it was a “come if you’re able and we’ll have cookies after” sort of a thing.  My mistake.

Wait! I said.  When is it?  She told me.  Dude, I’ve had tickets to a thing that weekend for weeks.  I’m so sorry.

Bullet dodged.