I have a guilty habit of reading Quiverfull bloggers.  One recurring features on these blogs is a concern with feminine modesty.  A lot of bloggers post pictures of their outfits each day.  Other bloggers offer to weigh in on whether or not your outfit is suitably modest.  The latter are almost always single men in their thirties, in case you were wondering just how creepy these things are.  But I do find the whole genre tremendously interesting.

This morning I’m wearing cable-knit tights, a calf-length skirt,  a tank, a thermal henley, and zippered hoody.  It’s really, really cold out.  It’s been cold out for what seems like years.  I’m in the middle of cleaning out my closet and 90% of my clothes are in a pile awaiting sorting.  Those two facts have made getting dressed a bit of a challenge.  I look like a teenage Quiverfull girl, I’m sure of it.

Except for the motorcycle boots.  Motorcycle boots are menswear.  Wearing men’s clothes in any form is unfeminine and thereby not modest.

‘Cause what you wear is what really matters in the Christian life.