This week I’ve been given the most marvelous gift.  Actually, I’ve been given two.  My sister gave me a present for my birthday a couple of weeks early.  But this the work relevant one: our denomination’s advent lectionary this year lists the second Sunday as “social justice Sunday.”   I think traditionally it’s supposed to be hope.  But, you know, we’re mainline protestants and we’re really, really sorry about how white and middle class we all are.

On the church facebook page, I’ve been running a daily scripture relevant to each week in Advent.  Last week there was a lot of stuff on there about making peace and finding peace in God and all of that.  This week I’ve begun with Proverbs 29:7, which says “The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.”

I’ve been pretty depressed with the Republican party’s awesome decision to cut off unemployment benefits unless people who make a quarter million dollars a year get to hang on to Bush’s tax cuts.  Of all the issues to take a stand for.  Sheesh.  Calling John Boehner evil in public, however roundabout the method, makes me feel better.

It shouldn’t, of course.  This is practically the definition of slacktivism and it’s passive aggressive and it’s using God’s word for my own spite-y little purposes.  But, dang, it feels nice.