Yesterday I made a Christmas bulletin board.  I cut out red and white paper snowflakes.  I printed off the word “welcome” from Word and then added glitter accents to the letters.  I replaced the o in welcome with a construction paper Christmas wreath with glitter holly.  I stapled the whole glittery mess to the bulletin board.

That’s awfully secular, don’t you think? asks Foul Bitch of a Choir Director.

What would you suggest?

Angels.  The baby Jesus.  The real meaning of the season.

I have neither the time nor the talent with scissors to make any of those things.   We only have construction paper here to work with.  But if you’d like to do the bulletin board, I’m happy to let you.  Or if you’d like to donate supplies for something a little more complicated, I’m sure folks would really appreciate that.

I said that in a sweet and cheerful voice.  I didn’t threaten to staple anyone’s face.  I didn’t mention that I thought her Teddy Bear Nativity sweatshirt was far more sacrilegious than some glitter spread hastily on paper will ever be.  I was nice, I swear.

I just think that a church ought not be so secular.

Do you have a suggestion about how the bulletin board should be done?

I just don’t like it.  It’s too secular.

God makes snowflakes, ma’am.

You made them.

It was an homage.  To, you know, God.