Can you sprain your chest muscles? Ugh. Every time I cough I kind of wish I were dead. Ouch. The good news is, I’m running two 5ks next week.

One of my church friends from high school days has made up her very own religion. It’s kind of a melange of Judiaism, Christianity, and hippy-ness. With sort of a smug mama vibe thrown in. She also makes all of husband’s and kid’s clothes. They’re hilariously-homemade looking. She has a blog. It’s also hilarious.

I was just interviewed for an article about our church that’s going to appear in a denominational publication.  Now they’re interviewing the pastor.  He’s making “corrections” and “additions” to what he heard me say.  They’re irrelevant.  One of us here knows what she’s talking about, after all.

I’m going to buy some cough syrup. Or maybe I’ll pickup some whiskey and lemons instead.