I’ve not been blogging much lately.  I’ve been busy at work, if you can believe such a thing.
Here’s a thing or two that’s happened lately.
My boss from the diner I worked at in high school called me up one afternoon and asked me to run a 5k for her.  She has a broken ankle and won’t be able to walk as planned, but she wanted to donate to the cause anyway. The race’s at the end of the month and raises money for a kid who just graduated college without health insurance but with a nice little case of lymphoma.  People around here generally oppose healthcare reform, a position which seems oddly against their own self interest.  But there’s this thing where people around here raise money like crazy for one another’s medical bills: carwashes and bakesales and silent auctions and anonymous donations to bank accounts set up for the purpose. 

The folks doing most of the fundraising are members of a very conservative Baptist church here.  My dad and his folks went there briefly when they moved here back in the 1950s.  The church didn’t just oppose dancing and drinking: they were also against girls playing sports, movies, and soap operas on the radio.  My grandmother thought that was plumb crazy, and they went to First Baptist instead.  My aunt lettered in volleyball.  Anyway.

The Bible Baptists are super pissed about vampires in popular culture.  They often have sniffy anti-vampire sentiments on the arrow marquee outside the church.  But it’s a church that’s pretty much full of old people.  Thus they don’t realize it’s hilarious that their sign says “fund raiser for Team Jacob” nearly every week. 

Anyway.  I’ve been running a lot of fourteen minute miles with this cold.  I gotta pick up the pace if I’m going to be running public in front of people I know on behalf of my favorite former boss.  Cold be gone.

Actually, I’m a beginning to be afraid I have something that might require medical attention rather than a cold.  I can hear myself breathing.  That seems like a problem, right?
Yesterday I gave the children’s sermon.  It was about being a “contagious” Christian and contained gems of advice like “don’t lick doorknobs.”
I’m about to get a raise.  Finally.