Yeah.  The daycare people chipped in and bought me a “sorry we’re a pain in your ass” gift.   It was just a standard office-y gift: scented candle, leatherette journal.  But I was oh so pleasantly surprised.

Yesterday the daycare’s cook baked muffins, whole wheat pineapple carrot ones.  That doesn’t sound delicious.  But they are delicious. Her recipe serves thirty people, but they only have sixteen kids.  She brought me one yesterday right out of the oven.  Today, she gave me two of the leftovers.  Mmm.  Second breakfast!

And I’ve only been here an hour and a half, but somehow I’ve already completed my to do list for the day and am starting on tomorrow’s.

Lately I’ve realized that my blog’s music has been a lot of the same sort of thing.  Apparently I like Wilco much more than I was conscious of?  I’ll try to do better, mkay?  But I should add that the preponderance of music from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone is unlikely to abate: I have a crush on Owen Ashworth.