Yesterday the local newspaper came to the church office.  The pastor read it and came into my office in full-on rant mode.  The fellow who edits it–he attends this church, I should add–is a bit on the politically right wing.  Right wingnut, that is.  The pastor is so annoyed he lets slip a “God damn.”  He pales.  Clamps his hand over his mouth and apologizes. I laugh and tell him it’s not a big deal.

I read the paper–I cut out mentions of church goers–and also enter into full-on rant mode.   I slip in a “motherfuckers.”  I pale, clamp my hand over my mouth, and apologize.

Was that on purpose?


I thought you were doing it to be polite.


Okay then.

You just asked me whether I called people “motherfuckers” to be polite.  Either we’re the worst or awesomest church ever.