The Most Annoying Salesman Ever is sending me a gift card.  He sells toner and makes political jokes I find offensive as someone who’s as fan of jokes.  Oh, and politically offensive.  He is impossible to escape from on the phone.  A conversation that ought to take five minutes take three or four times that long.  And so on.   They made some sort of corporate kerfuffle and seek to apologize for the delay in delivering a large volume of toner we don’t really need in any kind of a hurry.

Unsurprisingly, we have no policy on accepting gifts from vendors.  In any event, a spare $30 isn’t going to change any of our purchasing practices.  We buy local.  And when we can’t find what we need in this teeny town, I haggle like a crazy bitch for the lowest possible price after spending a good amount of time comparison shopping.

I have an ethical dilemma.  Should I send back the gift card?  Shall I keep it and spend it on the church?  Shall I consider it an asshole tax and buy myself shoes?  I’m inclined toward the last.  This is the problem with being poor:  it really brings out a tendency toward larceny.