Sooooo.  I just got a phone call offering me a job.   Maybe you’re thinking what I was foolishly thinking when I heard the words “I’d like to offer you a job:” awesome, a job!  Maybe a fulltime job, so I can get out of this terrible socioeconomic situation in which I currently find myself.  Maybe a job with health insurance so I can stop wondering if I have lupus every time I get a pimple anywhere on my cheeks.   I have a chronic pain thingy that isn’t lupus but, you know, could be if a girl’s feeling especially hypochondriacky.    I digress.

One of the big time guys in charge of our denomination–the one who told me he was interviewing me for a job several months ago and who decided to make an argument for me to become a pastor instead of hiring me for a fantastic, fulltime gig–called up to offer me my very own church.    It’s got thirty people or so, all of whom are African-American, and is in the same town where my high school had its prom.  I’d get paid fifty bucks a week to preach.  It’d be a twice a month kind of a thing.

I was up til three last night.  I was on the phone with a guy and then just couldn’t sleep because we’d talked about The Road, which is the scariest book ever written ever.  Ever!  I was probably up well later than three, honestly, because it was three when I threw my alarm clock off my bed in a fit of insomnia-inspired pique.  I feel not at all like myself today, sort of fuzzy and detached from my surroundings.

I told the guy from our denomination that I’d get back to him by this time tomorrow, that I needed time to think.  I couldn’t be in a worse situation for thinking right now.  My rationality is compromised somewhat by sleeplessness and bad coffee and the ridiculous hours I’m dedicating to my sister’s wedding and a half dozen other things, including a few I’m too much of a lady to mention.  I really don’t know what I’m going to tell him.  Seriously.  Anyone want to make this decision for me?

I really like this song.  I wish it would stop appearing in commercials with sad doggies.  It bums me the hell out.