Did I mention we have a new phone system?  I suspect the pastor broke the old one, but it might’ve been lightning instead.  Now all my call transfers are accompanied by shouted verbal instructions and a little suspense about whether or not the pastor will ignore the instructions and accidentally hang up on the caller.  So far so good this morning, by the way.

The nice lady who cleans the church asked me if there was anything she could pray about this morning while she worked.  She does that sometimes, and I’m always caught a little off guard.  Today I named a girl friend who’s having relationship… oh, let’s call it drama.  Nice Lady caught my hands up in her very small, very warm ones and prayed suddenly and fervently.   She doesn’t usually do that, incidentally.  She said amen and rushed out the door to commence cleaning.

I’ll keep at it! She called over her shoulder.

Somehow I feel very good about this, as if my friend is in very good hands somehow.