I’m getting sick.  I’m so excited.  Blargh.  You know what’s great?  WebMD.  I probably have a cold. But, thanks to WebMD, I’m a little bit convinced I have measles.

The pastor’s out of the office today.  He emailed me last night to ask me to ask my mom to put together coffee and snacks for a really big meeting that’s being held here Sunday.  I looked at the email’s timestamp: a little after seven.  He could’ve called my mom.  Instead he emailed me to ask me to do it the next day.  Why?  Because he knows it’s wicked short notice and she’ll be pissed.

She was kind of pissed.  But also entertained by the notion of the pastor going to lengths to avoid her.  She’s not the most confrontational person ever.

You should watch this.