You know what I could use a hand with?  Deciding whether I look drunk in pictures.  An attendee of a party I went to several weeks ago just posted a bunch of pictures of said party on facebook.  My head is on the shoulder of the boy who called me a cougar in one of them.  It’s not the posture of a wholly sober Churchrat.  Hrm.  Perhaps I’ll untag myself.

I got this somewhat passive aggressive email this morning:

Dear Churchrat:

I was just wondering why we do not receive a reminder of the up coming meetings? Husband and I missed the last council meeting. You know as we get older we seem to forget quiet easily. Are you not calling or emailing anyone anymore? If not I guess I will have to keep my calendar more up to date!

Love ya-


Here’s the thing: There’s a monthly church council meeting.  It’s held the fourth Tuesday of every month.  And it has been for at least a decade.  I have better things to do with my time than call a dozen people and make chitchat before reminding them of a meeting they always say they remembered and would be there.  And I certainly have better things to do than write a series of sweet notes reminding people of said meeting.  That was the erratically employed method before I got here.   I cannot escape the sensation that people would never forget this monthly meeting if it were part of their jobs instead of just a church thing.

I should add that this woman who claims age as a cause for forgetfulness is more nearly my age than my parents’ and has dedicated herself to looking as much like a seventeen year old as possible.

I suppose I have to write some sort of abject apology in response to this email.  Sigh.