I’d gotten up early to ensure I was at work before the pastor–I’m supposed to be here an hour before he is–and collect myself in case there was going to be any sort of uncomfortable confrontation about the conversation he had last night with the church council chairman (or ccc).   He was here when I pulled into the parking lot, though.  Ugh.  I sat in my car a moment for that self collection before coming inside.  Did that sentence sound dirty?  Anyway.  There was no uncomfortable confrontation.  Just a calm, not at all unpleasant conversation that included an apology.  I hope that whatever the ccc said to him last night was specific enough to avoid any of the difficulties I’d been concerned about.  You know, avoiding people who aren’t me getting pissed and litigious about his more impolitic statements by simply getting him to stop making them.

The old guy to whom I gave my number used it.  Who would’ve guessed?  Not me.  He’s nice enough, but this is definitely not a thing.

Last night I drove home late in heavy rain.  Early this morning I woke up sweaty from a dream that I’d fallen asleep driving and couldn’t wake up.  Ugh.

I know this is a cover of a Son House song.  I just happen not to be very sophisticated and in a mood to rock out.