Yesterday I put out the order forms for new church tee shirts.  I also wrote instructions for filling out and returning forms.  Soooo, half the forms returned yesterday were incorrectly filled out and/or did not include money.  Before you think I’m a terrible task master, I should say that the form required only three pieces of information: your name, your color choice, and your size preference.  There was a stapler right next to the form so people could attach their bills or checks to the form.  Easy, right?

Yeah.  Or not.  Whatever.

Right now I’m hanging out in my office waiting another five minutes on meeting attendees.  Remember that team marathon thingy everyone was so excited about when I suggested it?  Well, I’d planned a pair of organizational meetings.  One is tonight.  I’m the only person here.

I think I’m going to take my life into my own hands and go buy beer right here in my hometown.  For some reason, I’ve been talking to a lot of drunk people (some of whom are quite handsome) lately.  I’m beginning to get jealous.