Suddenly work has become insanely busy. I never understand how this happens. I’m going along nicely, doing the ten or fifteen things I do in a week, and Wham! a four page to do list. Argh.

Also, the pastor has referred to me as “his secretary” about a dozen times this week. Each time I feel a little bit more like punching him. Maybe this shouldn’t matter, this little question of job titles. But if I were “his” secretary all signs would point to me sucking at my job. Instead, I handle all the church’s publications, news releases, advertising, and scheduling. I select and order materials and organize fundraisers. I plan the order of worship.

The meetings he schedules, never mentions to me, and then doesn’t show up for? That’s his job. The badly spelled and punctuated missives he sends out? He does those too–even though I’ve offered to help.

I answer the phone here. Maybe that makes me a secretary. But it’s usually for me anyway. Because I do all the work here for 1/6th the money.

I am actually really good at my job. And I like it. What I do not like is working this hard for no money and, apparently, no respect. I understand he’s a neurotic little man, but I could really do without his self-aggrandizing stepping on the teeny bit of self-respect I manage to cling to with my broken-off finger nails. His fucking secretary indeed.

Excuse me. I’m a little stressy. It’s making me slightly more crazy than usual. Probably this business seems as irrational to you now as it will to me tomorrow.

Okay. I’ve gotta get back to my four page to do list. I have a headache. Yargh.