My workday is done! Done! Done!

When I went to the post office earlier, I swung by my house to make myself a very large iced coffee with milk and cinnamon. Good times.

Speaking of such, did I ever follow up on the whole Pixies play the Ryman thing? A while back I was chatting with my oldest sister and somehow that came up. She’s been wanting to make a trip to Nashville for a while. A week or so later, she called me at work to say that she’s decided that, since she wants to go to Nashville and I want to see the Pixies, we should go and travel on her dime. So. Next month, Nashville. I have my ticket and everything.

My sister is cooler than yours. That’s all there is to that.

I thought about whether they might cover some ancient country song I love. I was driving and nearly steered into the other lane in a fit of bliss.

Tomorrow I’m running a 10k. Today I’m taking a nap. Here’s some music.