I would like to take this opportunity to mention that I’ve discovered the secret to being my sister’s maid of honor. Whenever I’m asked which of several options I think is best–music, flowers, food–I pick the worst possible choice. My sister squeals oooooh me toooooo and hugs me. I die a little inside but what’re you going to do.

No, really. What are you going to do?

Ugh. I should’ve gone to a party last night. Instead I looked at pictures of corsages for three hours.

My neck crick, from earlier in the week, continues unabated. This morning I dug out my single remaining muscle relaxer from an old prescription. It did not help.

My sister, whom I love and who loves me, also loves this song. I’m pretty sure it’s about a guy who gives a girl a stick and a empty coke bottle refilled with tap water. Que romantico.