I’m going to be late for work. But I want to describe a dilemma before I go. For a while now I’ve occasionally been going out for pub trivia with a high school friend and his friends. The very first night, I found myself surrounded by the sort of boys I don’t really date all of whom were sort pleading pathetically for my attentions. This sounds like I’m a vain girl, but mostly these people are grown up theater nerds and chubby with bad skin who, I’m guessing, aren’t around girls much. Except for the handsome one with the fake id, but I digress. Anyway, I did what every girl does when she wants boys to back off: I started talking to the gay guy.

Who turns out not to be gay. Who also turns out to be married. But who has created what seems to be a second facebook page to 1) help his primary identity get points and things in weird science fiction games and 2) to comment on every single thing I’ve posted. According to his own wall, I’m the only person he’s commented to. And on the occasions we’ve seen each other in real life he’s said unambiguously flirtatious things, which I have mightily striven to ignore.

Last night my friend, the one whose friend he is, asked me if I knew that the creepy kid’s fb page was a second page for him. I did not. I have since checked it out and am creeped out. Maybe he thinks he’s networking and is merely the world’s most awkward man. But in that case he would’ve said his facebook interest was networking, not friends with girls.

I’m going to unfriend him in any event. But I’m not sure whether I should tell him off first or ask that mutual friend what his read is on the situation.

Ugh. These are the reasons I’m not exactly keen on human interaction.