Next month I have an appointment to meet with my senator–my actual, United States senator to whom I’ve sent fan mail–to lobby for anti-human trafficking legislation. I’m very excited. I do not know what one wears to meet with her senator in the middle of August, however. Sunscreen: I am sure of that much at least. People who go around chatting about human trafficking are generally Much Too Serious to discuss open v closed toe shoes.

I sincerely hope that Andrew Breitbart has a drug-resistant strain of herpes. This is not a terribly Christian attitude, I realize. I don’t want him to die or anything. I’d just like him to be really uncomfortable. That’s worth something, right? That distinction? Oh. It isn’t. Dang.

Must. Repent. Eventually.

Anyway, you’ve probably heard about his Big Government blog’s posting of an utterly out of context clip of a speech that was picked up by Fox News and used as proof of the incipient “racism” of Obama appointees against white folk everywhere. The clip was part of an anecdote concerning how the speaker overcame her mistaken notion that civil rights is black versus white in favor of an opinion that civil rights is about the wellbeing of all unempowered people, and no one bothered to verify its larger context until now. The speaker in question, Shirley Sherrod, was asked to resign. In case you don’t keep up with these things, I’ll add that Breitbart is also the politically responsible soul who posted those ridiculous pasted together videos that caused ACORN’s shut down.

In related news, that fellow who appeared in the video to be helping out a pimp seeking to important underage prostitutes but who was really gathering to information he immediately reported to cops is suing everyone involved. For millions. Hooray.

All of this is to say, I think that people who wish to set forth their ideas in order to persuade others ought to tell the truth. I don’t care if the liars are conservative or liberal or Christian or atheists or fans of the Blue Man Group, their lying makes their position, however good it may be, seem untenable to listeners. Like this little gem about science proving the Bible. Verify, then evangelize. Please and thanks.