I knocked over my purse a second ago and everything, including a My Bloody Valentine cd, fell on the floor. Apparently my purse has time travel powers. I don’t recall having listened to that band since college.

To be honest, I do have a vague notion of where the cd would’ve come from: messy pile of caseless cds an old boyfriend insisted on giving me after he couldn’t resell them and my cat seem like likely culprits. But if my purse is traveling back to the nineties–that is, the era of MBV’s popularity and not the period I was in college–I hope it’ll bring back a little slice of the 90s job market instead of a cd that doesn’t much interest me.

I’m back at work, and I wish I weren’t.

Should I mention the air’s been turned down to 68 again? And that the cardigan I keep in my car smells inexplicably like dude–and not in the good way? Or that I learned this morning that I would be making way more money if I were drawing unemployment? Or that I have a bruise on my ass larger than my whole hand?

Yeah, a bit more about that last one. Somehow I slammed my car door on my hip while I was driving home yesterday. I’d stopped to buy ice cream and wander around a bit… at a Dollar General… in rural Arkansas. Anyway. I slammed my car door on my hip and yelped and fell over in the parking lot of said rural Arkansas Dollar General. A very nice lady with three teeth and a seersucker house dress inquired after my welfare. I thanked her and told her I was fine. And brushed the cigarette butts and tiny gravel and other parking lot detritus off my legs. Ugh.

The good news is, the pastor’s out of the office for most of the morning. I always feel rather better about my lot in life without his jabber.

Of course, better news would involve some sort of new job that would require me to lie on a beach and read a fat book while making hundreds of thousands of dollars. But what’re you gonna do?

I should add that lying on the beach, sitting on a chair, leaning against a door frame like I think I’m Clint Eastwood, and so forth will become rather more pleasant when my ass isn’t in such pain.