I’m working on a new church newsletter. Instead of writing this one, I assigned articles to pretty much everyone in the church under twenty. I’m editing. And using comic sans–the font meant for children. There were a few bits and pieces I contributed, including this little passive aggressive note. Yeah. That second list is an itemization of things I picked out of the bins this morning before going to recycling center.

“Go Green… Not Crazy”

The church has two big green recycling bins: one in the foyer and one in the kitchen. We are able to recycle the following items, so please deposit them in a recycling bin rather than the trash can:

• aluminum pop cans
• plastic water/pop bottles
• “tin” food cans
• church bulletins
• office-style papers

We NOT able to recycle these items, so pretty please with gumdrops don’t drop them into the recycling bins.

• Band-aids
• coffee or other drink cups
• paper napkins or Kleenex
• candy wrappers
• apple cores or other food trash