Yesterday I read this book, a memoir of an attempt to wash dishes in restaurants all across the country that began life as photocopied booklets.  Today I stole this picture off Amazon.  The experience–that is, the reading not the theft–filled me with nostalgia for the 90s.  So I’m going to express this nostalgia with 1) Sonic Youth

And 2) a paper version of this blog. I’m planning on a single issue ‘zine to come out in late July with articles, essays, art work, and that badly homemade spirit of the 1990s. Photocopied on the church photocopier, obviously.

I’ll be soliciting contributions in the near-ish future and accepting subscriptions–if one can be said to subscribe to a single-issue publication–soon after that. And if you can draw or cartoon even a little bit and would like to help a girl (or rat) out, let me know. I can’t draw a bit.