This is just bizarre, isn’t it? I was looking for another version of this song for my song of the day but got distracted by sexed-up puppets and floppy armed brains. It could happen to anyone.

This afternoon I’m going to mail my application for that newspaper job, run seven miles, and work on the book I’m writing. In the meantime, I’m at work and drinking a lot of water. It’s a warm day. I should be hydrated before I head out on a seven miler.

Sometimes when I start to feel colossally screwed–like I did yesterday–I think about sharks. I read somewhere once that sharks are only able to breathe when they’re in motion. This may not even be true, but it makes a certain kind of metaphorical sense. I have a real weakness for sweeping metaphor.

I wanted to conclude this post with a video I remember from the Wonderful World of Disney when I was kid: Louis Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World” as the voice of a shark puppet. But I can’t seem to find the video and am beginning to wonder whether it’s one of those childhood memories that aren’t memories at all.