A ninety-four year old man just showed me his new iPad. Then he made fun of my cell phone, which is less than top of the line but is still perfectly adequate. Then he spent an hour outlining his vision for the future of the youth ministries of the church where I work. He used to be an engineer and speaks in actual outlines. All I did was take notes and add the Roman numerals. He’s frustrated by the lack of progress around here on almost any front, so he’s prepared to throw some money behind his new, very solid plan.

What’s it you said once? He asked me. Less talk, more rock?

I so want to be this old man when I grow up.

All I want to do is listen to the Cure today. Almost all of their songs are about sex, including this one. One of my (sweet, Christian) girl friends once tried to tell me that it wasn’t, that it was about telling jokes. This is a song about orgasms. No it isn’t! Don’t be gross. Sigh.