Today’s workday playlist included this biblical but still probably inappropriate for work song.

I have a theory and it is this: if churches wish to be “relevant” they ought to concern themselves less with things like music and more with not being utterly nonplussed by real life. The Bible, even, is a bloodier and more morally ambiguous place than most of us are willing to recognize. And, frankly, I’ve never heard contemporary p&w music that I didn’t think was kind of shitty anyway.

My friends Christophe and Marta are fantastic musicians who lead a church worship team that happens to play music I don’t happen to enjoy. I should add that. They’re so talented Christophe’s mom has this whole story about how Jesus himself may’ve taught him the guitar. Apparently, a bearded stranger showed up in Christophe’s dorm room one day, gave him a lesson several hours long, and was never seen again.