One of many weird things about my job is my tendency to occasionally run into people I knew from high school. This morning the girl who beat me in the yearbook contest for most likely to succeed is running around with the pastor talking about the building’s features. She is no more successful than I am, it turns out, but she has gotten a lot fatter. We made awkward small talk about her children.

Cat Power, like Cat Stevens, in on my short list of singers/songwriters I don’t hate. In this instance, it’s because I like to sing along and she has such a nice alto, like the Churchrat herself. I swear that my affinity for Cat Power and Cat Stevens has nothing to do with my affinity for my actual cat. I like to believe, based on exactly no evidence, that this is a song about Jesus.

And this song is an homage to my cat. I’d rather have a cat than an ex-husband and two children whose child support never arrives on time.