May I suggest that, the next time you decide to donate something for some good cause or another, you fully read the directions?  And follow them?  And not waste the whole morning of a poorly paid employee?

We’re collecting craft supplies for Vacation Bible School, including toilet paper rolls and milk jugs.  The item list–in large, impossible to miss letters–requested the milk jugs be thoroughly rinsed and the toilet paper be scraped from the rolls.   I’ve spent the past two hours tentatively sniffing milk jugs to separate the well-rinsed from the truly horrible and scraping toilet paper off rolls with my thumb nail.

This is slightly less fun, projectwise, than that repackaging 45 care packages meant for needy people I did in the fall.  This way, I’ll get to wonder if I smell like sour milk all day instead of going around cheerfully smelling of Irish Spring.  Ugh.

If you do find yourself surrounded by garbage and other people’s overweening inconsideration, I’d recommend the Rolling Stones.