Apparently my raise has been under discussion for a while without my knowledge.  It looks like I’m going to get one, even if it’s tiny and adorable.

My ears are tiny and adorable, and I love them, so why not?


Yesterday after I asked about the raise I found myself still filled with moxie–the quality and not the terrible pop drunk by nostalgia New Englanders–and I sent an email to our district superintendent reiterating my interest in the job I’d applied for and inquiring about the progress on the interview thing.  I’ve gotten quite the run around from various people on the hiring committee, so I decided to go right to the top.  Apparently he’s been in the hospital.  This seems like the sort of thing underlings might mention as the reason for the holdup, but I guess not.  He’s out and was incredibly apologetic.  Per his request, I’m calling him in an hour and a half to set up that interview.

Also, my friend Melissa the Church Secretary has dug me a cactus from her yard for my office.

In wholly unrelated news, the weather here’s been ridiculously stormy.   I’ve been parking my car very far from my door in case of errant tree limbs, so I’ve been squelching to my car at top speeds in early morning downpours the past couple of days.  My marvelous mother lent me her garage-d car this morning.  Marvelous.