On Wednesdays, the old people’s Bible study meets at the church.  It’s my favorite day of the week, because I love these old people.  They’re kind, funny, and prone to bringing me cookies.  One woman is driven each week by her grandson.  He’s twenty and sort of sweet and slow.   He always asks me if I need help with anything, and I always have job or other to give him.  He’s incredibly helpful, even though he recently found out I am, to his way of thinking, distressingly old and unavailable.  Right now he’s alphabetizing the name tags people wear on Sunday mornings.

A few minutes ago I sent him to the post office after the church mail.  But, for some reason, I gave him my post office box key and number and not the church’s.  He came back with my mail, which consisted solely of a coupon for a free box of Emergen-C.  A very good mail day from my perspective.  Sort of a waste of volunteerism, though.

I think I could be really, really good at wasting other people’s time by getting them to do menial shit for me.  Quick, someone hire me an assistant!