Yesterday, in my zeal to be topical, I forgot to mention the very best thing that happened at church.   The pastor, as I’ve mentioned, is on vacation.  A member of the congregation preached–for forty five minutes.  I do not object to a long sermon, provided it’s both information heavy and entertaining.  This one was digressive and, well, dull.  I doodled for a while.  I lamented the absence of hymnals to read.  Then I started pairing up my friends and playing Flame.  Remember this game?  You write out the full names of a boy and  girl.  Go through and mark out the common letters.  Then count up the letters that remain.  Divide that number by five.  The remainder is that couple’s fortune.  So, for instance, if you have eight letters left after crossing out the common letters you and your partner will wind up acquaintances.  Make sense?

Okay.  I was happily playing this game with nearly everyone I’ve met.  The middle aged lady next to me leaned over and whispered do mine! do mine!

She and her husband are destined to wind up enemies.

On the other hand, one of my favorite guy friends and his incredibly attractive crush are gonna get married.  I told him the good news this morning.

I do not believe in this or any other method of divination.  You know, for the record.

The middle aged lady, though, she seemed kinda pissed.