If I were Franklin Graham, I would take this opportunity to reflect that the floods in Nashville are divine punishment for country music sucking so terribly.  But I’m not.  I just think said floods are unfortunate.

The pastor’s on vacation.  You know, with his wife.   He keeps posting facebook status updates that are vaguely suggestive.  I’ve never been able to conclude whether this is inadvertent or he really means to brag about doin’ it.  Probably because I’ve been trying desperately not to think about it.

I am obsessed with vegetarian bacon.  Let’s think about that instead.  Mmmm.  Vegetarian bacon.

Inspired by a phone conversation last night and the pastor’s absence, I’m listening to Rubberneck right now.  It’s a record that’s obviously informed by band members’ religious upbringings, so it’s workplace appropriate in my book.  Even if there are a number of songs about vampires and raping and murdering people and what have you.  Ah, the Toadies.