It’s eighty degrees today.  And the wind is blowing at a good 25 mph.  As I came back from the post office a moment ago, the wind fairly pushed me into through the door.  And, of course, it wrecked my hair and rucked up my collar and generally made me look a mess.    The old men hanging around in the lobby immediately began heckling me in their good natured old mannish way.

Why’d you comb your hair that way, Churchrat?

Is it windy out there or something?

And so on.

Don’t you listen to them, Churchrat. One of the old men’s wives piped up.  I think you look lovely today.  A very pretty dress.  Although, you do need a comb.  Have you one in your purse?  You can borrow mine if you don’t.

I do.  Thank you.