You know what drives me crazy? Before I say much more, I should probably admit that part of this screed may’ve been drawn from the routine of a Christian comedian cum gospel singer in the 1990s. I hate it when people attribute things that suck to the work of the Holy Spirit. I’m not saying that, for instance, a difficult time in one’s life isn’t the Holy Spirit at work. I am speaking instead of, say, a terribly untalented singer claiming that her solo wasn’t her singing at all but the Holy Spirit at work. The Holy Spirit or really any Person of the Trinity should be able to stay on pitch. I mean, seriously. If you’re singing or doing anything else, God may well use your work to accomplish his purposes. But you’re the one belting out the flat b flats. Don’t blame God for it: you’ll throw off people’s whole system of theodicy.

Yesterday the pastor emailed me his sermon title for this Sunday’s bulletin. Usually I nag him most of Thursday for it, because I can’t get out a bulletin without a sermon title. He procrastinates. I emailed him back yesterday and thanked him for his promptness. I try to offer positive reinforcement.

Oh, he wrote back, it’s easy when the Holy Spirit’s writing your sermons.

It’s going to be awkward when I have to fix the Holy Spirit’s grammar before I upload the sermon to church the website.