I tried on a pair of white dress pants today.  That was just an unnecessary blow to my self-esteem.  To make matters worse, they were cropped pants.  My legs are surprisingly short for a person of my general height, so they were not cropped-looking.  They were laundry accident-looking.

And, here’s the real doozy of bad ideas: I just got an email from the person to whom I sent my resume.  I’ve known her since I was in college.  I’ve been trying leverage that fact to my advantage in this whole hiring process.  I’ve even checked out the feasibility of making  my hair look a little more like hers and a little less like mine the day of the promised but not yet scheduled interview.   She seems somehow like a person who’s really into hair.  I’m not getting any nearer the point, am I. 

Okay.  She thinks I’d be great in the job I’d applied for, but she’d really rather hire someone else for it and fast-track me through the ordination process instead.  You know, so I can become one of them lady preachers.  Which is, oh imaginary faithful readers, is the thing I’d mentioned weeks and weeks ago as a thing that no fewer than, well, fifteen people have mentioned I should consider.  And that, on some level or another, I’ve considered for a while anyway.