“Please use this information to make an ad publisizing (sic)  our upcoming revival,” writes the pastor seconds before leaving the office for our three day weekend.  Then he fails to include said information in his actual email.  And there’s no attachment.  I come into work and note the omission.  It’s his day off: so, really, it’s a four day weekend for him.   I call the pastor on his home line and his cell and leave voicemails.  I email him at two email addresses.  I give up on him and leave voicemails with all the members of the worship committee.  The deadline at the newspaper is in an hour and a half.    How shall I entice someone to come to an event when the only thing I know about it is the date on the calendar?

The good news?  I’ve discovered if I go off and leave my desk a wreck over the weekend, people seem to assume I’m in the middle of something and do not pile stuff in the middle of my piles.  At long last, a reward for my untidiness.