I really need to call the pastor. He called in sick today, but there are some things I really must accomplish today and cannot without getting a bit of information from him. He’s been out of the office all week with various responsibilities and hasn’t answered my emails or voicemails, so I am going to have to call him at home. I’m putting off this phone call, though, because I’m about ninety percent sure he’s going to tell me, in the most colorful terms possibles, that he has diarrhea.

Nice man. No boundaries.


** Update: Remember when I said I was going to stop being an ass for Lent? The pastor didn’t come in today because his wife took him to the ER with chest pains this morning. I spoke to him a few minutes ago. The doctors don’t think it was a big deal, which is good news.

The bad news is that the medicine they’re giving him has upset his stomach. Yeah. That.

I’m gonna go walk his dog now… to atone for being an ass. Cheerio.