Remember how bonkers I went when the pastor and the Rich Old Guy gave me a firm lecture on my finances? My frustration was as much with their impropriety as with my sense that my work isn’t fairly compensated. I’ve decided to write an article on the subject and submit it to our denomination’s weekly publication. Churches in our denomination, it seems to me, rely very heavily on volunteer hours and on secretaries. These are positions that have a pretty high burnout rate. We also have a shortage of excellent–or, let’s face it: adequate–pastors. It seems to me that smaller churches could address this issue by professionalising my job and combining it with that of a few volunteers while dividing pastors’ ministries into more multi-point charges. Church finances, new media, and traditional media as well as day-to-day operations could be easily managed by a single, full-time employee who’s paid a decent, nay, competitive wage. Volunteers would maintain their vital role but to a less vitality-sapping extent. The burden of paying clergy and providing them with benefits could be shared.