Ugh. I’ve been trying to write a neat little essay. Instead, I shall euphemistically say that I’ve received the same unsolicited advice from thirteen separate sources in the past three months. When advice giver number eleven asked me if I’d ever considered what he was suggesting, I told him, laughingly, he was number eleven to suggest it. I was noticing a trend, I said, but was holding out for an even dozen.

Because, really, it’s just not appropriate to say gee golly I have and it scares the ever living shit out of me, but that doesn’t matter because I’m sure it’s ridiculous notion that just happens to be held by several people whose opinions I otherwise respect.

Like young earth creationism. Or being a Republican.

Today a twelfth person walked into my office and said “Hey, Ratty, have you ever thought of XXXXX?” Her husband came in right in after her and said “Yes, Ratty, I’d been meaning to talk to you about XXXX too.”

Ten minutes later someone else came in with the pertinent paperwork.

I think I’m going to give up on everything and move to Australia, mmmkay?

Pray for me, if you do that.