Despite my great affection for beer, I’m mostly what you’d call an evangelical Christian.  I am, according to a college boyfriend, also “pretty dang left wing.”  But a lot of the people I know and love are not. I don’t think disagreeing with me politically is inherently problematic. I don’t think being a Republican makes you a bad person. And I certainly don’t think it makes you a bad Christian.

But one thing that will always trouble me about many right wing Christians is their affection for conservative talk radio. Here’s one of the very good reasons why:

In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I once suggested that one of my friends looked like Hitler.  She was started to cry, which I didn’t mean for her to do.  She’d put a little too much product in her short, side-parted hair: she had not invaded Poland or sought the death of anyone in particular.  She hadn’t even grown a funny little mustache.  I felt like an asshole and immediately apologized for my ill-considered effort at humorous hyperbole.

You know what hyperbole is, right?  It’s when you make a giant exaggeration.

I’m the best looking church secretary in the world!

That was, based on what I’ve seen, not hyberbole.  But you get my meaning.

Hyperbole isn’t inherently bad, any more than being a Republican is inherently bad.  But in the United States, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be sexually assaulted at some time in their life.  Someone you know, probably someone you love, has been or will be a victim of sexual assault.  I’m guessing those people don’t think what Rush Limbaugh has to say about what’s happening to his big fat wallet is all that funny.

And I do not know why any one, Christian or not, would applaud that kind of hurtful, hateful speech by plastering a “Rush is Right” sticker on their car.