I have naturally curly hair.  But for the past two years or so, I’ve been wearing it short and coaxing it straight with a blowdrier and prayer.  Or straighter, anyway.  I’ve also spent the past two years tossing my head so that my phantom hair will flutter about me in a point-emphasizing fashion.  I’m growing out my hair.

Finally, it’s long enough that I’m sort of convinced I can wear it curly without looking a hot mess.  I’m trying to look like Annie Clark, although I may look slightly more like, well, someone else.  Anyway.  Yesterday at work I had the following conversation with a lovely, elderly woman:

Ooh.  I love your hair.

Oh, thanks.

Who did your perm?

I laughed and said Jesus*, I guess.

Where on earth did you find a Mexican who does hair?

I have curly hair.  It’s natural.


*I realize this is in an inaccurate depiction of the work of the Trinity.  Sorry, guys.